Netflix wants to own entire shows [Updated]

Netflix, known for its awesomely cheap streaming TV shows and movies, is now interested in getting a show all to itself. The show, House of Cards, stars Kevin Spacey and is apparently very close to being acquired by Netflix. Much in the way HBO gained customers by having the most wanted shows, Netflix seems to be interested in drawing customers by holding the awesome hostage.

It seems that they really want to start this trend, and they really want to start it with this show. It’s rumored that they’ve guaranteed 2 seasons – or 26 episodes. It’s estimated that a single episode can cost as much as $4-6 million to produce, so this isn’t chump change.  I could stand to ditch cable if Netflix started producing grade A shows, as long as the Discovery channel gets in bed, too.


According to The Wrap, Netflix announced today that it has acquired the rights for its very own TV series as planned. In doing so, it beat out ABC and HBO for the series, which should be airing in late 2012. The previous estimate of 26 episodes of Kevin Spacey Goodness is accurate. Read more here.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, The Wrap

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