Noisestash Roundup, shake that ass for jesus edition


In today’s news roundup, we have a wonderful new excuse to do sexually suggestive things, a departure at Apple, a movie, a time lapse video of an AIDS victim, and much more. First, pole dancing for jesus and then follow the roundup after the jump.

Shake that money maker for Jesus, baby. Yes, this is real and they totally take themselves seriously.

Wanna watch a movie? Heavy Metal 2000, F*ck Yeah! Hard soundtrack, bang up animation (for the time). This is a sequel, and you can tell that its pedigree was forged in the 80s NSFW

Did GeoHot just skip town for South America? How Thomas Crowne Affair of him

His lawyers say, shenanigans. He’s still here and has done as asked.

Any interest I had in Lady Gaga vanished when I heard her speaking

Apple Senior VP, Bertrand Serlet is out. He was an old and valuable hat

Huzzah! Death to mail-in-rebates! aww, Sprint… no one uses Sprint. *sigh*

Wanna see a time lapse video of a woman with AIDS? This was one of the winning ads from TED’s “Ads Worth Spreading” contest. Via Boing Boing

This iPhone 4 fell 1,000 feet from a plane and landed without a scratch. Your bitchass iPhone 4 shattered at a love tap.

T-Mobile still churns out sidekicks? I blame your womb for still churning out tweens.

Chrome 11 and speech-to-text? pfft! I talk to myself while typing all the time

Oooh wireless EEG sensor headset… I don’t care, I’m calling it a thinking cap. Waiting for light bulb add-on

Don’t ever say Daddy Microsoft doesn’t love and support your life choices

The most inappropriate superhero introduction ever made… mainly because she looks like she’s 12

Amazing video of Aurora Borealis

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

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