UberMedia tries to compete with Twitter and Facebook

UberMedia, known for their Twitter applications (that Twitter shut down for a while) was rumored to be starting its own service. Well, Rumor no more. CEO Bill Gross confirms Chime.in, a platform based on monetization for publishers. However, it’s not a direct competitor to the giants. Posts (called “Chimes”) created are easily shared to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Post types include polls, video and pictures, … Continue reading UberMedia tries to compete with Twitter and Facebook

A.plus is the Twitter app for Ashton Kutcher fans, but has something for the rest of us too

Twitter has recently made it perfectly clear that it does not want developers to create third party Twitter applications, as it recently snatched up TweetDeck for $40 million and gave everyone else an ultimatum. However, that hasn’t stopped UberMedia, the largest Twitter app powerhouse out there, to team up with celebrity and 6th most popular Twitter user Ashton Kutcher to get around some of Twitter’s restrictions on monetization and advertising. Enter A.plus (or A+, aplus, or A Plus. They need a lesson or two in marketing about keeping a brand name consistent across their official channels), a Twitter application that’s a joint venture between UberMedia and Ashton Kutcher. Before your roll your eyes like I did when I first heard about this, A.plus is not your average Twitter app with Ashton’s face plastered all over it. Well, it sort of is, but there’s a bit more to it. Continue reading “A.plus is the Twitter app for Ashton Kutcher fans, but has something for the rest of us too”

UberMedia Might Be Prepping To Take On Twitter

UberMedia, a third party Twitter app developer (Echofon, UberSocial), was recently suspended by Twitter for alleged policy violations. Well UberMedia has had enough of Twitter’s bullying.

Twitter execs have said they are trying to guide 3rd party developers to create apps that don’t duplicate functions of official Twitter apps, but since the official Twitter app basically covers everything Twitter is capable of doing, that doesn’t leave much room for 3rd party development. UberMedia, having had 3 of their apps blocked by Twitter in February, aren’t above going directly against Twitter in the Social Media ring.
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