Our Bad – CEO Tim Cook’s response to Apple Maps criticism

In case you don’t have access to the internet (and subscribe to The Noisecast: Carrier Pigeon Edition) there’s been a lot of unhappy people with iPhones and without the Map App of record, Google Maps. The negative reactions have been coming nonstop since the official roll-outĀ of iOS 6, and they’re everywhere: Twitter, blogs, journalist. Everywhere. Today, CEO Tim Cook published an open letter apologizing for … Continue reading Our Bad – CEO Tim Cook’s response to Apple Maps criticism

Google Removes GrooveShark, PSX4Droid From Market, Toyota Removes Itself From Cydia

The latest round of app removals is surprisingly Google-heavy as in the course of the last two weeks, we’ve learned that Google has removed the ever-popular PSX4Droid app from the Android Market, followed shortly thereafter by the equally popular and equally legally questionable GrooveShark app.

Both apps walk a fine legal line. While GrooveShark has faced its own share of legal issues, the internet company insists they operate within the law. Universal Music Group seems to disagree with this assessment (while EMI is on board), as they’ve filed a copyright claim against the company in the beginning of 2010. That’s gray area enough, it seems, for Apple and Google to both pull the official GrooveShark app from their respective stores. Curiously, though, Apple removed the app back in August of 2010, while Google has just gotten around to removing it now. Google’s more recent compliance with music industry wishes may have something to do with their rumored upcoming Google Music service which has been just a month or two from release for about a year now. Idle speculation at best, of course, but if Google Music launched at Google I/O, where they previewed some music-related features last year, it’d be hard to ignore the timing. Continue reading “Google Removes GrooveShark, PSX4Droid From Market, Toyota Removes Itself From Cydia”

Your psychological barriers make me want to commit homicide

Today Apple revealed the refresh to the MacBook Pro line and also released OS X Lion to developers. It also took the FaceTime app for Macs out of beta and put the final version on the Mac App Store for $0.99. Apparently, people are in an uproar that Apple has the audacity to charge a dollar for the app. I’m not talking about the regular consumers who were QQing about the charge the instant it was announced, I’m pointing the finger to media journalists and bloggers. It is you, Sam Biddle, Nathan Olivarez-Giles, Seth Weintraub, Jay Yarow, and Rachel King to name a few, that are aggressively or passive-aggressively bashing the 99 cent pricetag on the app as it was some preposterous price-gouging wallet-draining scheme by Apple to prevent its users from getting an app that should be free by your self-proclaimed God-given right. And in doing so you are encouraging the ridiculously greedy and jaded behavior of people who think that 99 cents for an app is too expensive. Continue reading “Your psychological barriers make me want to commit homicide”

Feds give Apple the stink-eye over new subscription rules

Well that was quick. The Wall Street Journal broke news just an hour ago that the Fed’s team of antitrust ninjas are stroking their beards over Apple’s new App Store subscription plan. The new rules laid out by Apple prohibit developers to offer different subscription terms for their services outside the App Store, stating that the prices offered in the App Store must be the … Continue reading Feds give Apple the stink-eye over new subscription rules

VR+: Voice Recording App Review

VR+ Voice Recorder for iPhone Review

Ok, ok, ok. So this isn’t really a brand spankin’ new app that was just released, but it’s definitely fun, and I think it’s something more people should be using. VR+ is a user friendly app that, in addition to being a voice recorder, allows you to post your saved clips on your twitter, facebook, blogger and myspace accounts. You can also email your recordings as a link or an attached MP3. (In order to use the sharing features you will have to create an account with VR+ Online) VR+: Voice Recorder is made by the lovely folks over at SHAPE Services who have created other popular apps like the IM+. Review and sample recording after the jump. Continue reading “VR+: Voice Recording App Review”

The Mac App Store Goes Live (Update)

Apple inc. just unveiled its promised and much anticipated Mac App Store on Thursday possibly putting the final nail in the coffin for optical drives. The store initially offers about 1,000 titles. Of course this isn’t the first time such a thing has been done (Apple’s cries of ‘revolutionary’ to the contrary), as Steam users can attest. What’s yet to be seen is if this … Continue reading The Mac App Store Goes Live (Update)