The Mac App Store Goes Live (Update)

Apple inc. just unveiled its promised and much anticipated Mac App Store on Thursday possibly putting the final nail in the coffin for optical drives. The store initially offers about 1,000 titles. Of course this isn’t the first time such a thing has been done (Apple’s cries of ‘revolutionary’ to the contrary), as Steam users can attest.

What’s yet to be seen is if this will capitalize on excitement for iPhones and iPads to increase sales of the former flagship Mac line. Apple’s desktop/laptop line also has a hard time attracting third party and independent software developers to create products for the mac with the same gusto as Windows and even Linux systems have. This new app store is seen as an additional removal of barriers in the process.

(Update) Lifehacker has a a first look at the Mac App Store and can’t seem to decide whether it loves it or hates it. Go check it out here.


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