Update: The Last Election ’14 – “You hold the key”, new info

Site at 14:52 EST USA
Site at 14:52 EST USA

Well, twenty-four hours later and the site has not changed on any level I can see at the viral website www.thelastelection14.com .

Just a few quick notes:

1) The Russian on the tab reads “Вы удерживайте клавишу” which, according to Google translate, is “You hold the key”. Not the first time I have seen that phrase on a viral website, or in a mystery script, for that matter.

2) Checking out the page info, the map is centered on Brooklyn, not sure if that is significant, it does require you to move the map around to find the marker over Alaska.

3)The cypher text is there as well, so you can copy and paste it somewhere. I have not had a chance to read any theories elsewhere regarding what it says, not sure if there is any buzz yet.

4) I did receive an email last night from someone who says they are from France and that they had found the website as well. They stated that “when you try to reach the same location with Google maps exactly in the same location.. You will be able to find something in the middle of a forest.. I don’t really know what it is but it looks like a Secret military Base..” I have not had the opportunity to verify this, but it is probably worth checking out.

I will see what I can find this weekend and keep updating here. Whatever this is, it is at least interesting on the social web level.

Any theories? Any thoughts? Anything interesting? Post a comment below and we shall find out what ‘key’ we hold.

Addendum: Somehow, I forgot to include on the original post another bit of info. On the countdown page there was also an inverted US of A Presidential Seal…

2 thoughts on “Update: The Last Election ’14 – “You hold the key”, new info”

  1. Hello
    coordinates of the point in Alaska are : 63 ° 17’51 .40 “N 152 ° 31’24
    .49” W. ……… these coordinates , Indoor Bermuda Triangle
    corespondent the location of secrête a pyramid discovered by China there some years. This
    pyramid , illuminati symbol would be the basis of a top secret
    government “almost” planet who would lead the entire planet. That
    is why all airplanes or adventurers who wanted to enter this area have
    disappeared , which made this prohibited flies for causes of
    “paranormal” area ! you
    may be surprised …. we can go into space , to the moon and Mars soon ,
    but we do not know the secrets of Alaska! ……….. pretend .. the Illuminati have a secret. Today,
    we realize that around the world strange things happening at the
    political level , in France for example, 90 % of the government hiding
    from being a Freemason and have a policy for the ” new world order ” , without clearly specifying what it is ! …..
    the U.S. dollar bill , we can see the pyramid, the eye, ” new world
    order” , and many subliminal things like this …. the Kennedy assassination, the attacks of September 11, al caida, bin laden, war in iraq etc … the people discover that many things are wrong and widely notament manipulated by the CIA. Today, Obama thinks represent the head of the world power, but Putin does not see it like that! decode the message was carried to tell Obama and Illuminati sect mastered the world that their secret no longer exists, their area is known and monitored, and the place where they intend to take refuge in case of threat is not more secret russia ….. this area is what Russian first aim when attacking the USA. Unfortunately, this secret place contains all the mysteries of our civilization, the Pandora’s box ……2014 will be a decisive year, the 3rd world war approach, caused by those who run the world and has the secret in Alaska … rotschild, rockfeiler and a handful of miliardaires kill planête ….

  2. When the site was in the countdown stage, the headline stated “The future of America will be revealed.” A few days later with around 6 hours left on the countdown, the website switched over to what is now; a warning. It was never intended to be a countdown, nor solicit a product or an election. The countdown was meant to go viral and lure as many people in as possible (which it did successfully.) There are multiple codes and messages embedded into this warning. The pin point on the backdropped map is the Denali National State Park in Alaska (the highest peak in North America.) You may have also noticed that headline changed into Russian. When translated, it says “You hold the key.” When the site switched over to the letters I can understand why most people never came back or believed it to be a hoax. The code is a Vigenrre cipher in sequence with Ceasar ciphers and different shift values. There are 500 individual letters by 1000 characters. The “key” is 20 x 25. After doing this I found a message and multiple keywords; Ready Martial Law, Nukes, Drilled, Max Effect, Tri Plate Boundary, Tsunami, East Coast, Destroyed. Constitution Suspension, Denver Capitol, Curfew SOS, UN Reign. The message, stated “Warn everyone back home, it will come fast MAR 15.” On the original page there was also a binary number code which had 3 words; food, water, and bullets. The source code translated 0100001(key=20×25). In the page element, it says
    var brooklyn = new google.maps.LatLng(39.814497,-24.151764) just north of the Azores in the Atlantic in an area known as MAR 15. The Domain is thru GoDaddy and the site is hosted on a single IP: The only connection between Alaska and the Azores that I could find is here http://www.arm.gov/publications/fact-sheets/docs/doe-sc-arm-12-005.pdf. Anyways, I believe everything about it to be 100% legitimate. Each individual person holds the key to their survival…Economic collapse-martial law-one world currency- WWIII-Yellowstone- Earthquakes- Tsunami- The Rapture. Give your heart to Jesus before its too late!

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