Could this be the idea behind The Last Election 14?

Second update
Second update

Where are we in the search for The Last Election 14?

Hidden codes, cyphers, messages to prepare, what little there has been posted has been food for the conspiracy crowd, all understandable considering the recent revelations regarding the US Governments’ need to spy on, well, everyone, even former Presidents of the US of A.

But, somewhere in the last day or so, has been redirected to a YouTube video posted December 6, 2012:

THE LAST ELECTION MOVIE COMING SOON! This movie trailer is for promotional use only. Contact for more information. I respond to all emails. Music by Rick Horrocks you can check out his music at Posted by Arthur Weaver.

This, seems off. It has a very low tech, no makeup, indie feel. A young man, posing as the President, too young to hold the position, indicates he is under threat of assassination. He says we all know:

“This system, in this country, is being controlled by an evil, devil worshiping empire that don’t care about none ya’all.”

Oddly enough, this is a sentiment that has been growing in the US, the world over in fact, devil worshiping aside feed by the growing media awareness of an increasingly connected and tech savvy population.

Is this The Last Election 14? This is an extremely slow burn if it is. Extremely slow burn if this is a head fake.

Genius because we are talking about it, if only because it still is a Mystery Box.

After all of the dog and pony, something about it does not jibe, maybe it is just me.

What do you think? Indie film or something else entirely?

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