T-Mobile: Will becoming the “un-carrier” be enough to bring in new customers

Let’s clear the air here; we hate being tied down to our cellular blood contracts. It’s nothing more than a practice to keep us locked into a carrier with the temptation of a new piece of hardware every couple of years. Sure, on the surface it seems like you get this year’s top-of-the-line phone at steal (usually around $200-250) but then we’re tied to a contract where we’re paying upwards of $2400 over the 2-year contract; which hardly seems like a “deal.”

In their latest effort at bolstering their subscription numbers, T-Mobile  has made their plans to be the “Un-carrier” official. What this means to you dear consumer, is that soon you’ll be able to get your latest and greatest discounted phone without the hassle of a contract. T-Mobile’s plan will allow you to pick up said phone and tack on a surcharge to your monthly, contract-free bill until the price of the phone is paid in full. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to do; pay for the phone outright and enjoy a cheaper, contract-less plan.

Though it remains to be seen if this is truly something that customers will flock to but combined with T-Mobile’s existing “Bring Your Own Device” discounts, the fourth-place carrier may have some life in it yet. All they’d need to do now is announce an official iPhone variant on Big Magenta.

Source: PCMag

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