Bragging rights – new dinosaur species named after 5-year-old who discovered it

So what have you done in your life dear reader? Maybe you graduated high school a year or two early. Impressive. Maybe you’re sitting on a doctorate or some other personal accomplishment; sorry to break it to you, you’re never going to be as cool as nine-year-old Daisy Morris who just had a confirmed new species named after her.

Vectidraco daisymorrisae, the official name of the newly discovered species of pterosaur. The fossil, originally found along the beach on the Isle of Wight, UK by Daisy at the age of five, had been donated and studied at the Natural History Museum. From early on, a dinosaur expert known to the family knew that daisy had stumbled onto a big find.

The fossil will remain with the Natural History Museum; as for Daisy, she tells The Daily Mail that she’ll continue to collect and study animals. Faith in humanity… Restored.

Source: The Daily Mail

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