Returning to Dark Horse Comics, December 5th, 2012’s releases

I have been on a break from comics, life happens. A little over a year ago, I started following DC again monthly, especially after their new 52 launch, and I have really wanted to get back into my other two main companies, Dark Horse and Marvel.
Throughout the 90’s, I bought a lot of of Dark Horse, it didn’t hurt they had the licenses for Alien, Terminator and Predator. Awesome comics and, like pokemon, I had to have them all.

With great joy, here is a quick down-and-dirty look at the releases for December 5, 2012.

Willow – Wonderland #2

To say I have completely taken a break from comics is not entirely true, I did keep up with a few titles in trade paperback form, one of them was Buffy. The comics continue the television series I loved in print form, and, though I am behind in my reading, I have really enjoyed the story so far.

So here is a little spoiler, at the end of season 8, Buffy cut the world off from magic (you really need to catch up, as do I).

Well into season 9 now, Willow has embarked on a dimension hopping expedition to bring magic back to the Sunnydale universe in this limited 5 issue run.

In number 2, Willow finds an old friend and that she is very well-known inter-dimensionally among other magic-users. Two issues in, I am enjoying the story and do not feel lost.

Added bonus, the covers for this series are being done by the amazing David Mack of Kabuki.

Colder #2

I had not heard of this new series until I read the preview copy, and I am hooked.

A new horror comic from Dark Horse, Declan Thomas’ body temperature has been dropping for years. Slightly insane, maybe, Declan has the ability to step into another person’s madness and cure it.

Racing against time to stop his body temperature from reaching zero, Declan is aided, reluctantly, by the nurse who was overseeing his previously comatose body.

And another supernatural entity has noticed Declan has awoken…

More mythological horror rather than slasher, Colder is closer to both runs of the DC title Xombi and the current Wonder Woman, supernatural I would call it.

Cool concept, no pun intended, check this one out!

Star Wars: Purge – The Tyrant’s Fist #1

Another tale from the years following Episode 3, Darth Vader is in the field, solidifying the Emperor’s grip on the universe and wiping out the remaining Jedi. On a planet where the Jedi are revered and where new ones have historically been heavily recruited, Vader must find a way to kill the last Jedi there and swing the planet’s support over to the Galactic Empire.

From time to time I check out the Star Wars titles, there are a lot of them of with, from what I hear, varying quality. This particular limited issue is very well written, the artwork is fantastic and I am looking forward to the next one. A great place to reintroduce yourself to this universe far, far away….

Hellboy in Hell #1


I have been a fan of Mike Mignola for years, love his artwork and writing.

In Hellboy in Hell, Mignola returns to his creation in what promises to be a strange trip through the underworld. Hellboy has a destiny and more of his secrets will be revealed.

The B.P.R.D. trade collects a couple of limited series together in one volume:

The Devil’s Engine is the story of Agent Devon’s attempt to bring the psychic Fenix back to headquarters and is very Godzilla-monster movie.

The Long Death is Agent Johann’s hunt for the killer he blames for leaving him an ectoplasmic man. While I enjoyed both stories, the artwork and writing for this one make this trade a must have.

And that is the wrap-up for this December5th. Let me know what you think or if there is a Dark horse title I should review.

Next week, I will have a couple of series that are ending and some more trade quick reviews!

2 thoughts on “Returning to Dark Horse Comics, December 5th, 2012’s releases”

  1. Comics are always good to read, for me, from time to time. I used to read the X-men comics (actually, my sister´s ones, haha) and had a lot of fun. But then, I just stopped.

    I read a few here, a few there… but these ones you tell about seems pretty cool. O like the concept of Colder. Really interesting.

    But I don´t know about reading Star Wars in comics. I am reading the books, hopeffully I´ll catch them all (there are more than a hundred!). But I read only the official Del Rey licensed, with are a good reading, all of them so far are great stories, varying from Sith eras to Jedi domination and so on.

    Since you mentioned one about Darth, the book Rise of Darth Vader is pretty much like this. It tells the adaptation of Anakin as Darth Vader, the problems with the new suit, and his hunt for the remaining Jedis over the planoets around Coruscant and some others sistems. It was the first book i read, since it fits really close among the two trilogies. And it was worthy! Now I cannot stop reading Star Wars books!

    Wich is kind of a problem, becaus they are a little hard to find here in Brazil, and when you find one, it does not match the saga you are currently reading… ok, after all, they are over a hundred, right? So, I just keep buying them, and, when the right time and titles comes, I read them in the correct order, haha!

    As for the review, good one again, my friend! You got skills writing, you know? I am really enjoying reading your articles! Keep it up!

    Best regards,


    1. Thanks Bruno! You are right, there are a TON of Star Wars titles out there. With comics, I am drawn to the different storytelling possibilities and the artwork. With this title, the story is being told by someone else in charge of the Republic on the planet, so it is someone observing what happens.

      Thank you for reading and there are more coming!

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