Windows Phone 7.8 may launch before year end

Your old WP7 device may just that facelift soon.

A recent report from various overseas publications, it appears that Chinese customers may soon be getting an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8. The roll out is not unlike the way the 7.5 roll out was handled – first going live in select Asian markets, then ultimately making its way Stateside.

The reports cite Greater China Vice President of Microsoft Corp at a Windows 8 announcement and seem to hint at the planned rollout. The rollout is in large part an attempt to appease customers who were spurned by Microsoft’s decision to end-of-life Windows Phone 7 devices with little over a year since the platform was announced.

Though no official timeline has been announced for WP7.8 it’s interesting to see that there may be room for one last update for the short lived life of some great devices (namely the Lumia line and HTC’s Windows Phone offerings). Hopefully Microsoft’s commitment to Windows Phone will net some new interest from developers.

Sources: Super Tech Blog, MENA-FN

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