Is Google Working on an Airplay Opponent? Yes!

After months of almost no challengers Apple’s AirPlay may soon have some competition from Google. Google recently rolled out an update that allowed users to send Youtube videos from phones or tablets running android to Google TV, while this is similar to AirPlay, it still has a long way to go. This could also mean a much needed revival for the Google TV brand. After the such failures as the Logitech Revue, and then Google’s battle to get content some were worried that would be the end of Google’s  foray into the set top box playground. But with this news it seems they will focus more on bringing new competitors to the Apple’s fairly popular Apple TV in the form of newer Google TV boxes and built into select TV units themselves. According to this new report Google is working towards rolling out an Open alternative to AirPlay for its Google TV and android handsets.

The Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA is already available for use on android, but it is far from perfect. Having tried to use DLNA servers to stream to my android devices, lets just say it is not a pleasant experience getting it to work, although it will, eventually.
Google would aim to compete directly with AirPlay and that would mean the ability to stream; Music, Video, and Pictures. All using open-source technology.

GigaOM reports:

“Google is working on an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay, and it’s hoping to bring a number of device and software vendors on board to provide the industry with an open technology to exchange data between second screens and TV-connected devices. YouTube unveiled the first implementation of this technology last week, when it launched AirPlay-like video beaming from Android phones and tablets to Google TV devices.”

Source: iDownload Blog

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