The best expected, unexpected surprise from yesterday’s Apple event – new iPods

Prepare to be separated from your money!

Not only did we get a new iPhone yesterday, we also got our first look at newly revamped set of iPods. The look of the iPhone has been known months in advance with most sites posting leaked images, components, renders, parts lists, and so on. So it was actually surprising to see the next generation of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano.

First things

The first “Wow” moment of yesterday’s keynote came when the new iPod Nano was unveiled. If the tech world was half expecting an iPad Mini, Apple threw everyone a curve by showing off what looked like an iPod Touch Lite. The new Nano is Apple’s thinnest Nano to date with a 5mm profile. Though the Nano has the potential of being one of the sharpest designed PMP on the market, we don’t particularly like the two-toned face of the Nano, still, not a deal breaker.

The Nano sports a new 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display and a new UI featuring round icons instead of the old squares. For those that don’t want to have to constantly look down at your device just skip a track, the iPhone Nano includes a Home button as well as hardware controls for quick play, track navigation and volume. Another new feature in the newest Nano, is the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity for Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or even your car stereo.

Most notably, the new Nano brings back video playback, something that was lost in the previous generation. Would we still like for Apple to include a camera? Yes, but this isn’t about us we suppose.

So what about the new iPod Touch?

The 5th Generation iPod Touch also came out of left field in a good way (mainly because everyone was besides themselves to get leaked info on the iPhone). Sporting the same size 4-inch Retina display found in the iPhone 5, the new iPod Touch starts bridging that gap between the iPhone and the iPod. Other hardware upgrades include a bump in the optics used on the 4th gen iPod Touch to the same 5MP F/2.8 camera found on the iPhone 4S

The iPod Touch will ship with iOS6 and many of the goodies found in the iPhone; thanks to the new A5 processor bump in the iPod Touch, users will now be able to stupidly coyly ask Siri if that’s rain on their windowpane. Along with Siri, iPod Touch users can expect the same full Facebook integration, skewmorphism galore, and the Panorama feature found on the iPhone 5.

Okay, so when can Apple separate me from my money?

We’re glad  you’re so ready to part ways with your disposable income because if you’re looking into getting your hands on the new iPod you can expect to shell out $300. Yeah, pretty steep, but you’ll be getting a 32GB model and the 16GB 4th gen iPod Touch starts at $200. For those keeping score that technically does mean you’re getting more bang for your buck, but that’s still a lot of dough.

The Nano seems to be the best bet for the price conscious (damn those kids wanting food, clothing, shelter, etc.) at $149 for a 16GB model; the 8Gb appears to have bit the dust.

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