Apple announces new Apple TV, 1080p support

As many of you know, today Apple had a shindig in California. The big news expected was the iPad 3, but before we got to hear about that, we heard about the Apple TV refresh. That little box that (previously) supported 720p streaming of your iTunes movies as well as Netflix and a host of other content has been given access to the full resolution supported by your fancy TV: 1080p.

The UI also got an upgrade, with a push towards the look that iOS currently sports. Other improvements include iTunes playlist streaming, improved iCloud integration, photo sharing and more third-party apps to play with. Expect the new unit to drop on March 16 for the same price of $99. It should be available for order immediately.

For the price, it seems to be a great addition to your living room, competing with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console for media. Buzzfeed makes a solid point: 

So where does that leave Google? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Eric Johnston

    Looking at the AppleTV webpage, and seeing games being played on an iPad, displayed on the AppleTV and controlled using the iPad which then displays a controller screen, looks really cool.

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