Nokia outs Lumia 710 for T-Mobile ahead of event


Early for it’s party, Nokia makes the Lumia 710 for T-Mobile official

Well it’s officially official. Nokia has just outed the Lumia 710 which will be coming to T-Mobile, it’s news so big it couldn’t wait for tonight’s joint event with T-Mobile.

The Lumia 710 will essentially be a stock Windows Phone 7 and will come with Netflix, T-Mobile TV, Slacker Radio, ESPN, and The Weather Channel apps right out the box. Aside from those particulars, the Lumia 710 is like its European variant with a speedy 1.4GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of flash memory. What’s notably missing from the spec sheet however, is any kind of “4G” radio – so don’t expect to burn through much of your Netflix queue. Also missing is a front-facing camera, which is rather disappointing for a modern smartphone.

Look to drop $50 on contract and mail-in-rebate when it launches.

Edit: It looks like the official Windows Phone Facebook page has outed the phone as well.

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4 thoughts on “Nokia outs Lumia 710 for T-Mobile ahead of event”

  1. Why Nokia doesn’t include Front Facing Cameras on their new devices. Seriously, it’s not that hard. WP7 supports it, they know how to make it work. 
    Please include them, Nokia. 

  2. for a minute I was bummed that I got the Radar for $150, but no camera?  That’s worth the extra $100 bucks

  3. 3G on sprint isn’t too bad. I watched a few netflix movies, and cherished my longer battery life. Also I miss my windows phone. #personaltwitter

    1. That’s just the thing I suppose, we want “4G” or LTE on our phones but then we’ll complain about poor battery performance. We don’t get 4G and it’s like they’ve failed to make a competitive handset. 
      Unfortunately I had to list that as a negative only because marketing buzz words sell phones and if this is intended to be a gateway drug to smartphone dependence, then they better list how many Gees it has.

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