Hungover? You may soon not have to be.

It’s Monday in this part of the world (Ed. Note: it was Monday. Oops.) and quite frankly one should not be required to clock in after a day’s worth of NFL games and the drinking that comes along with it. I’m pretty sure that Chris could also appreciate not having to do anything following a podcast (which streams live every Sunday night at 8EST) what with the whiskey hangover that proceeds it every Monday morning. No, this isn’t some sort of rant against Monday, I come to you with great news: the FDA has approved a hangover cure!

The whimsical magical amazing new pill, called Blowfish (insert crude joke here), promises to alleviate your worse hangover within 15-30 minutes instead of the day long trips to the restroom at work. According to The Washington Post, the lushes’ miracle pill contains “1,000mg of aspirin , 120mg of caffeine, and a stomach-soothing agent.”

Although your hangover headache may soon be a thing of the past, sadly this pill will do nothing about your behavior the night before or the evidence you left on facebook or those drunken tweets and texts. Sorry.

Source: Washington Post

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