How Amazon is stealing Christmas

Amazon needs you to destroy local businesses.

Hey, it’s the season of buying tons of stuff that you’ll regret in the next couple of months. And in the search for our insatiable appetite for gear and deals, Amazon is ready to offer you $5 off your purchase if you go into a local store, scan the item using their Price Check app, and then purchase it through Amazon! Dafuq?

Yeah, basically the Wal-mart of the internet wants you to help destroy your local economy and their willing to bribe you with an entire $5 discount. That’s like a slice of pizza and a fountain soda (cans cost money b*tch) here in NYC. Amazon is clearly hoping to snatch away potential brick and mortar sales from local competitors, but what they’re really doing is making it harder for small business to compete.

Amazon isn’t the only online retailer hoping to woo customers away from the long lines and crowded spaces, eBay has also recently started promoting their mobile app on television (random bit of info: they’ve got the subways plastered with ads too). The move by both Amazon and eBay is intended to “empower consumers” but can have long term negative effects at some of the places you may frequent.

Though in these hard times many consumers may not think twice about saving a few bucks, Amazon is definitely looking like the Grinch to their smaller, local competitors. For those that may not care about their local businesses are looking for a deal, you can download the Amazon Price Check app on iOS and Android.

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5 thoughts on “How Amazon is stealing Christmas”

  1. All I know is that ever since I subscribed to Amazon Prime a couple months back, I am all up in that shit. No more holding things in by wishlist until I hit the $25 minimum for free shipping. Need some $4 pens? BAM – get those bitches to me in two days free please. I think I heard my UPS truck driver asking for a raise just because of me.

    And as soon as they have an app for streaming their video to iOS devices, Netflix will be in my rear-view mirror.

  2. Like the commenter below, Amazon Prime has done more to keep me shopping online with them then anything else. To tell you the truth it’s not very often that I go to local one-off shops (except for food). My clothes come from Old Navy, Marshall’s, TJ Max, GAP, etc…electronics are either at Best Buy or Amazon. Local stores (unfortunately) that haven’t found their niche really haven’t been getting my business for years – they have less selection, and they are more expensive.

    The only local stores I frequent are places I go because I can’t get those things anywhere else – and for the most part they are either bakeries, or hole in the wall pick up places (again food).

    What products do you think I should be buying locally?

    1. I find and frequent local stores before shopping elsewhere, just because they appreciate the business, and if I ask, they’ll price match. If it’s not too much of a difference, I won’t even ask. 

  3. I’m totally ok with killing the local wal mart with amazon. Then it can get replaced by a for real brick and mortar mom and pop.

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