Roundup: Week of Wonder

It’s been an odd week. Team Fortress Mann vs Machine was released, and it’s quite fun if you can find a match.   The Engineering Team behind Curiosity did an AMA. While simultaneously being smart, witty and awesome, these engineers went fairly in-depth about the Mars rover Curiosity, including what programming language they use, and what their favorite tool on the rover is. Hint, it’s … Continue reading Roundup: Week of Wonder

The NoiseStash:: Who’s your daddy?

Got a man who’s into Darth Vader? Show him you care by surprising him one special night, and have him experience your sexy dark side, by wearing this surprisingly cute, handmade,┬áDarth Vader garter┬áset from ebay. Or buy it as a gift for the Star Wars loving bride-to-be in your life! *Disclaimer:: Please, use the force wisely and always use lightsabers responsibly Continue reading The NoiseStash:: Who’s your daddy?