Nintendo to get free WiFi access at airports through Boingo

Get some free wifi on your way home for the holidays

The holidays means that, for many, a trip to the airport is probably in our immediate future. The problem with traveling around the holidays is that chances are you’ll be waiting an extra long time at airports trying to get to where you’re headed. If you’re the owner of a Nintendo 3DS, your waits may be just a little more bearable thanks to a recently announced partnership between Nintendo and Boingo.

As of December 8th, Nintendo 3DS owners can log in to Boingo’s wifi hotspots at various airports (check their locator here, chances are your airport is on the list) to connect to the Nintendo Zone (that’s what they call it, I swear) and probably most practical, the internet. Although the 3DS’s browser may not be best option you have, there’s nothing to complain about when you’re getting that sweet, sweet internet fix for free.

Source: TechCrunch

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