Republic Wireless wants to shake up the mobile phone world

One of the biggest expense in my life, and probably yours, is that cotdamned cell phone bill I get every month. Don’t get me wrong, I could do much worse than what I’m paying with T-Mobile, but why can’t we shoot for much better? Well “much better” is exactly what Republic Wireless is striving for.

Republic Wireless, a subsidiary of Inc., has entered the mobile market with what sounds like the most democratizing announcement since Google revealed Android (sadly that one didn’t pan out how they sold it) – a $19/month unlimited call, text, and web wireless carrier. As mention in The Verge’s article, Republic is managing such a low price by relying on WiFi calling and then re-routing to a (yet unnamed) wireless carrier once you step away from your WiFi connection.

Though it’s not certain if they’ll be able to partner with an existing carrier in order to pull this one off successfully, hopefully this will be the first of many to create a race to the bottom in terms of carrier options. Either way both my pocket and I will be watching Republic Wireless very closely.

Source: Republic Wireless, The Verge

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