No-Shave November: A Contest (Updated)

Updated below:

November is upon us, and that means one thing; beards. It’s getting chilly (well, it would be if snow hadn’t covered half the country by now), and the manly face-mane is the best way to avoid wearing scarfs. Unless you’re a hipster, in which case you have both a beard and a scarf.

The Noisecast wants to encourage you, our loyal readers, to participate in this years No-Shave November. We’ll even reward the best beard(s) with some swag. Men and women are both welcome, but this is a SFW contest. Ladies, if you so desire, stop shaving your pits and legs. Men, let’s see that man-mane. Neckbeards need not apply. Update: There will be a beard category and a mustache category, in keeping with the apparent tradition of the month. Mustaches must not touch across the chin, as that’s a beard.

Ron, Agrippa, Ray (Gonzo), Vitto, and myself are all participating in the beard-fest. There will be a gallery of all before and after shots at the end of the contest, so don’t be afraid to show off what your hormones can do!


No clean shave necessary, but no crazy head starts.

Send pictures of initial beard status by November 3 and finished beard to chris@thenoisecast by December 3. That’s three days to take each picture. Seriously, send me a picture of your face. I won’t use it to create a fake Facebook profile.

Trimming is allowed. We understand you have jobs and what-not. It’s not the true spirit of Noshember, but hey, we’re fair(ish).

Entries must be Safe For Work! If I get one shot of pubes, I’m probably going to put it on Reddit.

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