Episode 51 – Lost and/or Stolen

Holy smokes, two episodes in a row. Sorry to blow up your podcast subscription feeds, but do you want the backlogged episodes or not? So stop complaining, you jerks.

Sorry for getting so hostile all of a sudden… I’m tired. I still love you though.

Episode 51 Topic List
Date: 10/23/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Kevlar, Vitto, Gonzo, Agrippa 


  1. We have cool desktops! http://bit.ly/pEJKZp
  2. Ask Agrippa segment is forthcoming, send questions to Twitter (@noisecast and @theagrippa) as well as on FB or via email.


  1. FreeBieber http://bit.ly/vMtf7g
  2. Sony Ericsson is now just Sony. http://bit.ly/tvgHVo
  3. Blackberry does well, shoves progress down the crapper http://bit.ly/vEIydZ
  4. Nokia announces Lumia (whore) line of wp7 devices: http://bit.ly/rxj4Ig
  5. Royal Society opens archives to public http://engt.co/vPhto6
  6. Facebook allows you to give friends your password http://engt.co/vgODm4
  7. MW3 discs already on the market, illegally: http://bit.ly/tVsxFZ
  8. Fully functioning Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch http://bit.ly/rrJbF6


  1. She wasn’t a donkey when we fucked! http://bit.ly/s5yQyt
  2. Man Fire-Bombs a taco bell for nothing giving him enough meat. http://abcn.ws/siSIPz
  3. Pizza Chain warfare: http://sunsent.nl/rHVG03
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