Episode 50 – A Brand New Low

Ben here, with your fashionably late dose of podcast action. Am I doing this right? Probably not!

This was our 50th episode. Isn’t that great? Go us. Show notes after the break.

Episode 50 Topic List

Date: 10/23/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Ray, Kevlar, Ron, Vitto


  1. We have cool desktops! http://bit.ly/pEJKZp
  2. Ask Agrippa segment is forthcoming, send questions to Twitter (@noisecast and @theagrippa) as well as on FB or via email.


  1. Self Replication Robots http://bit.ly/pMGdEr
  2. Ice Cream Sammich http://bit.ly/pMcllv and http://bit.ly/nP8OTc
  3. Moto Razr and iDroid Nano http://bit.ly/n8b79f
  4. Blackberry: BBX http://bit.ly/rj680W (next is BB X_X)
  5. Electric DeLoreans! http://bit.ly/nQN0Yc
  6. Super simple 3d space mapping software allows for realistic insertion of objects http://bit.ly/rreylQ
  7. RIM hopes to bribe users for outage: http://bit.ly/oQPChd
  8. Apple sells 4 million iPhone 4S in opening weekend http://bit.ly/odfeVZ

WTF News:

  1. Man Beats woman with Frozen Armadillo. http://bit.ly/oHfXQJ
  2. Man Jailed After Trying To Turn Shit Into Gold http://yhoo.it/pgmSHE (he’s never gonna laugh at “dickbutts” again)
  3. Avocado thief is banned from possessing more than 10 at a time http://lat.ms/oeDhpj
  4. Angry woman dumps used condoms on store counter http://bit.ly/ou6BZC
  5. Penguin poo viewed from space reveals new Antarctic colony locationst | guardian.co.uk http://bit.ly/pdrbpg
  6. Man put son inside hot oven ‘to teach a lesson’ http://bit.ly/q392hJ
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