Early MW3 Players: Fear not the banhammer

When you’re dealing with a highly anticipated video game, release dates become something of a suggestion – especially for mom & pop shops that simply can’t compete with big box retailers. When Super Street Fighter 4 was about to be officially released, I ran down to a game/sneaker/cell phone place that was selling it a week early. In other words, it happens.

Last week rumors started buzzing about the possibility of having your Xbox LIVE Account banned for playing early. This after Xbox LIVE’s Director of Policy Enforcement, Stephen Toulouse, first okay-ed, then backtracked, then re-approved playing legit copies of the game.

[imagebrowser id=53]

So fear not early adopter, you won’t be penalized for getting a jump start on the competition. But you still suck because I don’t have a copy available to start gaining much needed XP.

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