Boston Dynamics doesn’t know when to quit

Boston Dynamics, gods creators of Big Dog and his evolved form Alpha Dog, have continued to determine our fate by improving on PETMAN. PETMAN is a “bipedal device created for testing chemical protection suits,” and is even able to sweat. Yo, seriously? You made a damn scary predecessor to the NS-5, and it’s for testing suits? Right.

BigDog and AlphaDog were scary, this is severely unnecessary. But on the tech side, this is really cool. While the device is still supported by cables to ensure it doesn’t fall, it has a better grasp on walking than any of the Noisecast crew after a podcast. The balance and coordination is amazing, especially considering there’s some poor schmuck coding all of it, taking into account known terrain changes and reacting properly to changes in pitch or yaw.

We’re proud of you, Boston Dynamics, now stop.

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