UAV virus is just a “nuisance” says USAF

There’s been some talk about a virus that has been infecting the cockpits of drones that belong to the US Air Force. First, the system technicians didn’t tell the network operators about it, then the network operators found out about it because of an article online. Now, it seems, that they’ve had the chance to contain and see what the whole thing was all about: Mafia Wars.

Okay, well, not entirely. The malware that infected the virtual cockpits of unmanned drones is a “credential stealer” or keylogger type malware, of which this brand is known for stealing Mafia Wars (and other online games) login information. The virus was first detected on a standalone network used to support the missions, and was likely transferred via portable hard drive. I have a feeling that someone has gotten a royal ass-chewing for taking an infected hard drive into work.

The Air Force said that although they don’t usually discuss the status of their force, they felt they had to make an exception for this case. Since everyone in the US thought that our drones were being flown by artificially intelligent viruses for the past week, I’m sure everyone will sleep better knowing that the pilots are – and always have been – in control.

Check the sources for the full statement.

Sources: Wired, Statement

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