Noisecast Roundup 10-13-2011: Everyone Love Ice Cream Edition

Except Agrippa. My favorite part is how ice cream sandwich isn’t even part of the news. I totally blanked on it. i could add it now, but, meh. I’m both gluten and lactose intolerant, so I’m bitter. We’ve got a full bag today so peep it and creep it.

Zynga is going public on NASDAQ instead of NYSE.

This is not important at all. At this point, why would anyone want to go public on that dinosaur. NASDAQ is where it’s at (whatever it is). NYSE is just like those idiots who shell out mad money for a Manhattan area code (212) it’s dumb. I’m totally making this all up. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m only the most magniferous human being ever.

The Blackberry Situation is Worse Than We Thought. Other Planets Affected.

E.T. Had these issues, once, with his iPhone on AT&T, kept pestering people for rides and inappropriately touching children. Then he got a Blackberry on Verizon. Everything was fine. Oh the irony. Things come full circle. All I know is RIM needs to handle this fast. I was chatting up some Martian babe with three titties. THREE TITTIES! Trying to get her to come over. Now she probably thinks I’m ignoring her.

Lenovo Now Wears The Number 2 Headband.

It turns out Dell wasn’t decapitated. Back in the days of Afro Samurai, Dell would never have survived it. Someone might want to tell HP that they’re dead, because their growing market share doesn’t seem cognizant of this fact. Also, I have to give Dell mad props. However bad they used to be, they are churning out some nice machines lately. I’m typing this on a Dell and it is fresh to death.

Microsoft Tries Novel Approach To Purchase Android From Google. Seems To Be Succeeding.

Introducing Microsoft Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. I mean, at this point, the only one not writing checks to Microsoft for Android is Google. Just get it over with.

Windows 7 Overtakes Windows XP To become World’s Most Used OS.

This was inevitable, but maybe we can finally see an end to I.E.6 Finally some stability and the death of XP. Oh hai Windows 8!

Verizon Can Eat A Dick For Real.

For Real. – Sent from my AT&T using ass.

The Father Of The C Programming Language Has Passed Away.

This is sad news. This man invented a programming language from scratch, and then built an OS with it. What have you done lately?

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