Noisecast Roundup 10-10-2011

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Quikster aptly describes how quickly Netflix ditched the name.

Not many people were excited about it, most were annoyed. After all, who wanted to have to manage two different accounts? Well, Netflix went ahead and apologized today while announcing that Quikster was dead before it started. Maybe if they’d just been able to snag the Twitter handle.

Facebook finally unveils iPad app.

Nearly a year and a half after the iPad started selling like hotcakes, Facebook decides that it might be a good time to get an app out for it. I mean, over 25 million of the things are out there, far outselling WP7, which has its own app. Go figure, Facebook.

Apple claims record breaking pre-orders for 4S.

Apple, never one to toot their own horns to the beat of a different drummer, claims pre-orders for the iPhone 4S reached over 1 million in 24 hours. Maybe the fact that it looks just as pretty as the last model is okay with people, as long as they get the newest specs.

Samsung delays Nexus Prime as a tribute to Steve Jobs.

Even though Apple has been fighting them tooth and nail over copyright issues, Samsung took the high ground and said that this isn’t the most appropriate time to release a new device. Prime, the newest in the Nexus line and the second made by Samsung, was set to officially unveil in San Diego on October 11.

Zune HD is dead, long live Zune HD.

Microsoft has officially killed the hardware portion of the Zune project, instead focusing on software and services. The Zune app on WP7 works great, but I can’t imagine having just that on a touch screen mp3 player. People also swear by the Zune Pass, which allows you access to a ton of music for $15 a month, and lets you keep 10 downloaded songs each month. Spreading that love around may be difficult at first, but if anyone has the money to back a product, it’s Microsoft.

RIM likes that whole fist-bump thing.

So they’re adding multimedia instead of just contact cards. Engadget guesses that NFC will be used to initiate the transfer, which would then be passed off to a faster service, like Bluetooth or (possibly) wi-fi. Blackberry plans on releasing the API to all three of their developers.

Google aims Dart at web programming.

Google, always trying to make our lives easier, has released what they hope will unify the web-coding frontier. Titled Dart, it aims (lol, twice now)  to feel familiar, as well as execute in virtual machines or a JavaScript engine. Hopes are high to get it baked into future versions of Chrome. Who knows, maybe it’ll catch on.

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