Microsoft sees the future, and it’s everywhere.

Everyone has their own opinion on what the future of computing will be. Some claim it will be a single type of device that we carry, some think it’s interactive everything. Microsoft likes both.

I like their vision. Small, very portable devices that work like today’s smartphones, easily customized to show what you want. These devices (apparently) interact with the environment, displaying things that pertain to you and whatever activities you’re up to. One of the cool things seems to be a unified environment, where data is displayed equally across the platforms, like business graphs. The removal of the office software requirement would surely help team members communicate.

Hand-held devices automatically remote controlling larger devices, interactive street displays that can link to your device – all of this is really awesome, however much of a security risk it is. I’m sure that’ll all get worked out, right?

Source: WinRumors

5 thoughts on “Microsoft sees the future, and it’s everywhere.”

  1. that was really cool. Also, I agree with agrippa above (or will be comment be above his? let’s see…)

  2. I half love the concept and the other half thinks that it seems like it would take forever to learn how to work it.

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