Photo filters now live on Google Plus


Hipsters & Moms rejoice! Google Plus has photo filters

It’s been a while since we last talked about Google Plus around these parts; and just when you think Google isn’t putting any effort into their burgeoning personal info selling social media site, today comes news that you can “hipster-fy” your photos right from Google Plus.

I’ts no surprise that photo filters are so in (/s) right now and both teens (perpetual or otherwise) and moms love adding pizzazz to mundane cellphone snapshots; after all nothing classes up your drunk escapades like a Polaroid effect am I right? No longer will you be locked out by the exclusivity of Instagram or need to own a smartphone to use free options like PicPlz. No Google is making “hipster” filters available to the masses – provided they’re on Google Plus.

Honestly, the “Creative Tool Kit” works well. It’s highly intuitive – all edits can essentially be done by adjusting a slider or two, checking off a couple of additional options and then sharing. Simple. Also, Google added some holiday themed edit tools just in time for Halloween (I’m a dreadful sight to begin with so I will not be adding any “zombie” filter to my likeness… sorry) so you can play around with those too. Check below for a few screenshots showing Google’s photo filters’ ease of use and final product (also seen above).

Source: Official Google Blog

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