Episode 49 – D-ckbutts

Welcome to another exciting episode of THE… Oh never mind. You know the deal. You know what’s up. It’s another exciting episode and such and such. Look, Vitto’s back from NYCC, we have a lot of laughs, and we finally push Steven off the edge. Finally! Now… if we can just get the cast to behave now. Okay guys, mission accomplished, Steven wants to kill himself. Let’s get back to it. (I’m kidding. Don’t change. I just have to look mature for the public). As usual, blah blah after the jump, but let’s get to the episode here!

Episode 49 Topic List
Date: 10/16/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Kevlar, Gonzo

  1. California dickbutts want warrantless searches of phones http://bit.ly/pPlWmS
  2. Blackberry killing themselves, silently http://bit.ly/oilvK1
  3. Samsung Lawyers can’t tell iPad from “Galazy” tab http://bit.ly/mVWki0
  4. USAF Drone virus http://bit.ly/nmu5zN
  5. Google Buzz dead http://bit.ly/oY9mpo
  6. AT&T LTE phones will have better battery life http://bit.ly/nm4SDN
  7. Verizon is a dickbutt, tracks you: http://bit.ly/qEgLAG
  8. Dennis Ritchie dies: http://bit.ly/mTik2Z
  9. AT&T Toggle: Work and play on one phone, separate areas http://bit.ly/nw2bKd

WTF! News

  1. Filipino man undergoes surgery to look like Superman http://huff.to/oFUfce and ends up looking like Diana Ross WHO THE HELL USED  COMIC SANS?
  2. FBI agent and federal prosecutor take Ferrari for joyride and total it; insurance co. out of luck – http://bit.ly/nupk9m
  3. Nokia’s new ringtone: http://bit.ly/nmGV34 (wub wub wub)
    1. http://bit.ly/o9C0Sn
    2. Dickbutt

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