Call All Your Friends, Your Phone Won’t Give You Brain Cancer

There’s always been talking saying that having a cell phone will give you cancer and brain tumors, but now a study has been completed that has showed there is no such link.

A new study has come out, showing that over a 15 year period, an entire population of people has shown now greater increase of cancer of those who use cellphones compared to those who don’t.

The Danish government keeps pretty good statistics on it’s citizens, which makes them an ideal candidate for long term studies like this.

Since 1968 all adult Danish citizens have been assigned a national ID number, similar to the Social Security number we have in the US. This national ID number is also the number that cell phone companies use to register subscribers, this enables researchers to see which Danes have cell phones and which don’t, and who have developed cancer or other medical diseases within those two groups.

The researches also cross checked these ID numbers with the Danish Institute of Cancer Epidemiology which was tracking everyone who was born after 1924 and still alive in 1990. With all this data the research team was able to identify nearly 360,000 people who had cell phone subscriptions, and whether or not they had developed some form of cancer.

What they found was that there was no increased risks of developing cancer just because you used your cell phone regularly.

So grab your phone and call all your friends.

Sources: Ars Technica, BMJ 2011; 343:d6387

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