Howard Stern leaks official Super 8 movie screener

Perfect movie-screeners appearing online are not unheard of. Hell, the Internet has come to expect a pristine screener to be available a week before any big budget blockbuster is released officially. So why all the commotion about the now infamous Super 8 screener?

Yesterday, Geekosystem ran an article about this screener that contained a watermark that simply read “H Stern.” Immediately the blogosphere jumped into high gear alleging that the “H Stern” in question was none other than radio shock jock, Howard Stern.

Stern is no stranger to controversy but he’s usually on the giving end of the fire that seems ready to descend upon him as Paramount is not thrilled in the least to see their biggest movie this year leaked all over the internet. According to a post in New York Magazine, it appears that Sterns people have been in contact with Paramount Pictures and are working to get this mess straightened out. And though commenters are pointing to Stern’s stylist (wait he’s got one of those?) Ralph Cirella, Cirella has officially denied the rumors and Stern’s people aren’t saying who may be responsible.

My money is on the “we got hacked” excuse that’s so popular these days.

Thanks @killahkazx for the tip.

Sources: GeekoSystem, New York Magazine

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