Obama to sign Executive Order responding to WikiLeaks

Before Anonymous was all the rage in news cycles, WikiLeaks stole the spotlight by showing how unguarded some of the nations most confidential materials really are. In its wake have been the ongoing attempts to extradite Julian Assange for an unrelated crime, the Anonymous attack on Mastercard, various banks refusing to do business with WikiLeaks and anyone affiliated with Assange, and of course, the detainment of Wikileaker (I hope I can find a better word) former Army Pfc. Bradley Manning.

WikiLeaks brought to the forefront a very real and potentially dangerous problem that years of bureaucracy did not want to address: the security protocol of classified information in a modern world.

This may all change in a matter of weeks as the Obama administration is preparing to sign an executive order that will revamp the “governance” of classified materials. It has even gotten pushed through multiple intelligence agencies in order to get an order ready to be signed in less than 9 months (in Washington time this means instantly).

The new directive is not an entirely new piece of governance as it’s built upon the already existing National Security Directive 42 but expands to include policy for information systems and how to detect “insider threat to security systems”.

Source: FAS Project

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