Fox’s 8-day wait is too long

Viewers not waiting; man the torrents! Yarrgh!

A while ago we  told you about Fox’s plans to impose an 8-day waiting period for their shows on Hulu. If you wanted access the next day or after a show originally aired, you were gonna have to sign up for Hulu+ and pay. Back then I said that viewers would most likely wait the 8 days rather than pay up, I was wrong. What happens next is fairly predictable to everyone… everyone except Fox apparently.

After a week of the Fox mandated delay, Hulu users have not just lashed out to the TV streaming site; they’ve turned to more illicit channels to get their TV fix. According to TorrentFreak, their research suggests that upon tracking Fox’s highest rated shows of the summer season Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, downloads for each have gone up by 114% and 189% respectively.

However bit torrents are just the start of Fox’s problems. Although Fox believes that by delaying the release of a legal stream of their latest shows they will be able to increase revenue by forcing viewers to watch the shows live, they have in actuality spurned the very people they were hoping to attract and are creating havoc for Hulu. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what some Hulu users had to say:

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Sources: Dvice, TorrentFreak

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