Episode 42 – Vitto’s In Charge. Abort! Abort!

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Noisecast. Today we have… wait, what? Are you serious? God help us! Steven’s gone! Ron’s gone! Vitto’s running the podcast! Abort! Abort! The Noisecast cannot be held responsible for what’s about to happen. You have been warned. No seriously, this was a good episode with only three people sitting in. We had Michael “Vitto #9” Pitts, Ben “Savageboredom” Avecilla, and Ray “Gonzorider” Schneider. As always, the notes are after the jump, but you can give us a listen right here:

Episode 42 Topic List
Date: 08/21/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Ray, Vitto, Ben, Eric the champion, Marian

  1. Did Apple alter photos of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in its injunction filing? — http://engt.co/nvyEg5
  2. Google acquiring Motorola Mobility — http://engt.co/qYWSXA
  3. HP Is Discontinuing WebOS: http://goo.gl/K034L
  4. RIM is planning a music service http://bit.ly/o38IQj
  5. Microsoft is trying to lure WebOS Devs http://bit.ly/oIE8st
  6. Verizon strike set to end on 23 August http://bit.ly/qpsdLw

WTF! News

  1. Chron.com : Galveston man bites woman’s neck, claims to be vampire http://bit.ly/mUNzy8
  2. 3 die of rare brain infection from amoeba in water, not stupidity – http://yhoo.it/nm87lS
  3. Man sues doctor after unwanted penis amputation. http://bit.ly/oCwfow
  4. Florida couple faces foreclosure for paying their mortgage too early: http://goo.gl/FEUrK
  5. IT Administrator’s Hacking Spree Foiled by $5 McDonald’s Purchase  http://bit.ly/phI6PN
  6. PETA Plans A Porn Site: http://goo.gl/yr0FQ

#2 in WTF is sad :(


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