US ICE Claims all .net and .com domains are under US control

All your base (top level domains) are belong to US, apparently. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency is currently targeting all .net and .com Top Level Domains (TDL) that break US law, regardless of where the site is hosted. Currently, ICE is targeting Richard O’Dwyer, a British student that ran, going so far as to request his extradition, even though his actions may not have been illegal in the UK, where his domain was hosted.

Before you start screaming “WHAT? THAT’S BULLCRAP!” let me say one thing: THAT’S BULLCRAP! While most sites hosted overseas have their own TDL, it doesn’t mean that the US gets what it claims. Just because I run into some dude’s house when he’s not around and yell “Dibs!” does not make me a home owner.

While ICE has been successful in shutting down popular movie and TV hosting sites because they violate US copyright laws, it’s unclear how foreign countries will react to extradition requests, especially if the defendant has never set foot (or bit) on US soil.

Source: The Guardian

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