Blogger and Picasa to be rebranded under Google+

It’s no surprise that the whole Noisecast staff has been stricken with the Google+ bug. Eric put together an excellent detailed write up on the new social service by Google and even Chris is telling folks just how awesome Google+ is. Guess what folks, it is that awesome.

Since its limited beta launch, Google+ had many (or at least me) asking what will happen to their other social services like Picasa and Blogger? Well according to Mashable, the Blogger and Picasa we know today may disappear and be fully incorporated with Google+. This could potentially mean the end of “Private Google Profiles” and instead force private users to manage their digital footprint by using Circles.

Google is no stranger to privacy issues and this comes across as a potential complaint waiting to happen. Mashable is also reporting that the rebranding will most likely coincide with the public roll-out of Google+ within the next 6 weeks; we’ll have to see how Google handles the potential privacy issues they’ll face.

Source: Mashable

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