The Noisecast Levels Up

Well it was bound to happen eventually, and it’s almost poetic that it happened on the day that we unleashed the newer, sleeker, sexier, and most assuredly noisier Noisecast. We just got our 100th “Like” on the Facebook thing that kids seem to love so much these days. As our way of saying “Thanks for supporting us”, we are giving a copy of Sanctum to lucky #100.

Sanctum is one of those genre mash-ups that seems a little wonky on the surface, but turns out to be a lot of fun once you get into the action. Just like every tower defense game, you have waves of enemies that vary in strengths, weaknesses, and the speed with which they will wreck your shit if you don’t kill them. Unlike other tower defense games, however, Sanctum leaves you in the game once the baddies start swarming. You’re in there with all of your various weapon towers with your own personal weapons just to make sure that nothing gets through. You can upgrade your weapons along with your towers between rounds and it is highly advisable that you do. These creeps don’t mess around. It’s going to take everything you’ve got to take them out, so neglecting your hand cannon is going to end in a bad day for you.

If you haven’t tried the game before and you like tower defense, you really should throw down the money. Or, if you’d rather try your luck, there’s a small chance that we have more copies to give away in the future. I’m not saying that we do… I’m just saying that there’s a possibility of maybe winning some sweet games in the future, just like Mister 100 did today.

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