Roundup: New look, same great taste!

Oh we’re struttin’ our stuff around here today, but don’t get it confused we’re no peacocks (peahens for the ladies of Noisecast) we come with our A game all the time. Big things!

Now, on to business.

That walled garden is toeing a very dangerous line; today Kindle and Kobo updated their iOS ereaders to eliminate any links that would take users to their respective online stores (i.e. in-app book purchases are gone).  Oh this may end with a trip to court. (via cnet)

Remember that time when the State of California decided it wanted to ban violent video games and later the Supreme Court said, “no you may not!”? Well now it looks like the ESA is looking to get the California to foot the bill for those expensive lawyers. (via ArsTechnica)

Now that’s one thirsty black hole! (via ArsTechnica)

Having seen the livestream of the game I am not very pleased. Full disclosure: I LOVE THE ORIGINAL JURASSIC PARK MOVIE DON’T YOU DARE RUIN IT FOR ME!!! (via IGN)

Hey guys, I’d like to you meet my next desktop computer. (via ThisIsMyNext)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: The internet is forever – watch what you do. That said, according to this article, I may never be employable again. (via Bloomberg) Editor’s Note: Steven Callas and Agrippa are the bestest guys you can work for. pleasedontfirememmmkay

Speaking of jobs, apparently RIM is cutting back some 2,000 jobs. I can’t even make a joke here. (via ThisIsMyNext)

The HTC Status is an ugly phone for sure, but it was the only one in AT&T’s lineup with Gingerbread. The operative word here being “was”. (via Engadget)

Also, if you’re curious about the redesign, check out this message from our Dear Leader.

Have a great night every one!

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