Noisestash: A web browser for your TI-83

The Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculator has always held a special spot in the heart of geeks everywhere. An entire generation practically grew up using this device in school for Algebra, pre-Calculus, and Drug Wars. Amazingly the modding community for the TI-83+ is still alive and well, even though the TI-83+ was released way back in 1999. Now modder Kerm Martian has brought the goodness of the Internet to the classic number cruncher. Gossamer 1.0 requires a special USB cable to connect to the net since it doesn’t have a wireless chip built in, but it promises some very basic web browsing on your calculator, including raw RSS feeds. Check the video for an overview and a demo!

Source: Gossamer 1.0

3 thoughts on “Noisestash: A web browser for your TI-83”

  1. Whoa the comment box is all the way down here now, But anyways on to the article comments!

    I remember the TI-83, it was mandatory for me in High School, and I had it suped up with all sorts of games and what not. Then I hit university where they arent allowed and had to cough up $20 to downgrade to an approved simple calculator, so I havent touched mine in years. Does anyone outside an academic setting still uses these?

    1. I actually still use mine whenever I need a calculator. Even when I’m in front of a computer, my TI-83+ is on my desk and I just use that instead.

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