Photoshop Contest Results: New Species.

No one did the gator-frog. Seems like a easy fit.

So last week I asked you guys to take a moment and create a monstrosity. You did not disappoint. I’ve seen some weird looking photoshops before, but man, this stuff was weird.

Sadly though, we only had 4 entries, so no prizes this week. Check out the winners after the jump!


We had a whopping six entries this week, so as promised the 1st place winner will receive a prize.

And that prize is: Worms: Reloaded for Steam, from the kind and generous Michael Pitts.

See the winners of the contest below.


First Place: t(‘-‘t) aka Unpronounceable aka KTop

It's a cross between a Dog and a know, a Duck.

Mr. t(‘-‘t), Congratulations. You’ll be receiving an email letting you know how you can get your copy of Worms: Reloaded.


Second Place: J.Ballard

I had a gang of Powlmoreynions chase me through the Black Forest of Germany. It was terrifying.

This thing is horrifying.


Third Place: J. Jowitt

This thing is just strange.

The rest of the images can be seen below. They’re equally if not more horrifying.

Thanks for participating everyone! This weeks contest was a great success! Keep an eye out for more contests in the future, we’ll try to keep prizes involved as much as possible.

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      1. The octopus I used only had 7 arms.  Seeing as how I completely shopped the old arms out first, I could’ve just made 8 arms.  I guess I wanted my picture to be accurate.

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