Google Plus now has an iOS app!

You know you’re gonna get this.

Sadly, I won’t know what it’s like to run Google Plus on an iOS device, because as of this writing, the app is only available to iPhone users. Google, Y U NO WANT ME TO USE IPOD TOUCH OR IPAD? Fret not Noisers because our very own Ron Cassell and Marian J. have an iPhone, the app, and opinions!

Ron’s Impressions

While I still can’t justify making the space in my life for a third social network, I can honestly say that if Facebook doesn’t figure out how to make their social network work without all the stupid bugs, they will be replaced by Google Plus. After spending 2 seconds with the G+ iOS app, I could tell it was a much better experience than the Facebook iOS app. The reason I knew it was better was because after those 2 seconds, the G+ app hadn’t crashed yet.

The only thing that slows me down with G+ at this point is the fact that not many people I keep in touch with are using it yet.

Marian’s Impressions

I’m glad Google took their time working on this app instead of releasing it immediately after Google+ began accepting users. The appearance is clean and simple, yet there are tons of features packed into it. Google really did a wonderful job on this. Clicking on a comment notification will send you directly to the thread it was intended for, unlike Facebook’s app which is a huge annoyance for me. I’d like the scrolling through the streams to be a teeny bit smoother, because at times there is a slight delay, but not often.

All in all, I’m really enjoying the Google+ experience, and I’m hoping more people make the switch soon.

The Verdict

Although I won’t be able to do much Google Plus-ing (that just sounds all kinds of wrong) on iOS until Google decides to support non-iPhone devices, based on Ron and Marian’s review I have no choice but to bestow The Noisecast Seal of Approval! Now get me some damn iPod Touch/iPad support Google.

Update: It should be noted that currently the Google Plus app is not compatible with iOS 5. Trying to run the Google Plus app on iOS 5 will lead to crashes, restarts (of the app), and just a generally shitty experience.

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