Noisecast Roundup: 07/08/2011

From the brilliant Sam Spratt

Quick note. I’m not one of those who thought it was okay to poke such intense fun at Rebecca Black, and I love how she handled it. I just think this is a brilliant piece of art from Sam Spratt. You know what time it is. I’m Agrippa and I’ll be your DJ this Friday evening. Let’s get on with it then.

  • The six ways you can appeal new copyright “mitigation measures”
    Ars Technica with the assist. As you know, freedom on the internet just got bent over the table and threatened with rape with a six strike rule. Ars has some ways of dealing with this. Those guys are pretty awesome.
  • Apple may launch a 3G iPod in September according to rumors.
    I’m pretty sure they already launched it. It’s called the iPhone… seriously though, this could work. An iPod with all the power and abilities of the iPhone, plus all you need to do is get a data plan and use kik messenger, and Skype + GV and you never have to worry about minutes again… well, you’re still boned with data limits. Until we get unlimited back.
  • LinkedIn surpasses Myspace to be the second largest social network.
    File this under “… wait, this is just now happening? What took so long?”
  • Tablet of choice for Android users: The iPad.
    This really shouldn’t be that surprising. While the phones have been nothing but stellar, Tablets haven’t been getting much love. Not enough apps, buggy hardware, insufficient attention from Google. Even the manufacturers are starting to explore abandoning the Tablet market. It seems consumers don’t really want Tablets, they want iPads.
  • Microsoft preparing Video subscription service for Xbox Live.
    The march continues. This is not unexpected. Added to the rumor that Microsoft is one of the companies exploring a purchase of Hulu, we can see their laser sharp focus on the future. They are also reportedly working on a Diamond level above Gold membership that will have special services rolled in like iptv, maybe some special movie and tv deals. maybe even some Netflix and Hulu+ love rolled in as part of the subscription. Should be interesting.
  • Apple store planning an overnight shift on July 13th. Possible Air refresh and release of Lion.
    This is tantalizing. While Lion bores me and I have no real interest in the Mac ecosystem (I don’t dislike it, I just have my own shit going), the Macbook Air is something that genuinely intrigues me despite its price. I favor the Samsung S9 with for Windows, but only because that baby looks like the Air.
  • Sources claim an amazon order for components of 1-1.2 million units of their new Tablet.
    Quickly turning into the worst kept secret of all time. There’s an Amazon tablet coming this year, possibly in the third quarter, but likely by the holiday. 1 – 1.2 million may not seem a lot compared to Apple’s expected 13 million units of the iPad, but it’s still more than other tablet makers are manufacturing (the demand they expect). If Amazon sells out of them, they literally would be the second most sold tablet in the country.

This movie. I must watch it.

4 thoughts on “Noisecast Roundup: 07/08/2011”

  1. trois d'jesus

    I think a more interesting aspect of the Black video is how much interest it generated in such a short amount of time. I’m pretty sure that there are only one or two other things in WORLD history that have set a globe on fire like that. Nirvana wasn’t one of them.

    And I’m learning Spanish full throttle now cuz’ I wanna see that movie.

    p.s. in the video still…is that Prince?

    1. Hahahaha! That does look somewhat like Prince. This would be the best of all possible universes if it was.

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