Google Plus Vanity URLs are cool

Love that Google Plus? We do. Wanna tell people how to see your silliness but don’t want to deal with that giant string of numbers in your profile url? Well is here to help!

Head on over and fill out the simple form with your nickname and that redonkulous string and within 10 seconds, you’ve got a short-link to your profile!

Don’t forget to check me out on Google Plus:

4 thoughts on “Google Plus Vanity URLs are cool”

  1. I can’t use this until Google opens up so I can use my main account. The perfect vanity url is useless to me if it’s attached to an account I’ll be deleting soon. Or does this allow me to attach it to another account later?

    1. trois d'jesus

      Hi, I’m Gumper from Google customer service. Could you please repeat your question?

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