Behind the Curtain: Zapped Again

It’s time once again to take a look behind the shroud of mystery and booze that surrounds the Noisecast crew and see exactly what we get up to when our parents go to bed.

As you all may or may not know (you would if you followed him on Twitter), Steven had a little problem at his place that he couldn’t fix with his blue pills. Some jackass hit a low-hanging power line and tore down 2 telephone poles, so now he has no power. Ever the opportunist, he paid a visit to the workers and handed out business cards. He informed us of the meet and Greek greet and asked that we not make electricity jokes proving once and for all that this man will never learn. Come on, Steven, it’s like you’re new here or something. Back room snapshot after the jump.

Just so we are clear, while I type this the thread is still growing. I am shocked… SHOCKED that you would all go against his wishes like this.

10 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain: Zapped Again”

  1. What a bunch of ACSSholes, such an array or comments.  To generate such comments from a static location and not get any resistance from the initial user!  Watt a riot! … now I’m just trying to hard.    

    1. Dude, I want to respond with something clever, but I am tapped out. Unless my brain gets a sudden jolt.

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