Noisecast Roundup 5-18-2011

Alright, it’s that time of the day again. I’m back with another Roundup. Since Comcast cuts my internet off every other day because of outages due to sorcery, I seem to only be on here every other day. *sigh* It’s all good, I’m here now.  Let’s get on with it, shall we? The roundup after the jump.

U.S. Secret Service pulls a herp derp on Twitter.

I thought it was charming and funny. A secret service agent with access to the official account accidentally posted on the official account instead of his personal account. It was promptly deleted and is under investigation. To err is only human. But then I guess the Secret Service needs to be more than human.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 pre-order priced. They nailed it.

The pre-order price for 16GB is 499.99 and the 32GB is $100 more. This is excellent news. Unlike the ridiculously priced Xoom. One does not challenge the dominant player as an underdog by being presumptuous. Samsung managed to make it thinner, larger, better spec’d and the same price as the iPad2. This is a brilliant start. Considering that the Galaxy Tab was the best selling Android tablet for a bit [insert only viable] and the Galaxy line is the best selling Android phone series, I think Samsung has adequately positioned themselves.

Spy-cam catches Nintendo Wii 2 on video.

It looks interesting enough, I guess. What concerns me is the controller. It will have a 4.5-5 inch screen embedded in it. Those of you with a 4.3inch cellphone already know how massive that is. This is a controller that will be massive and that will cost a pretty penny. What is the purpose? Is this one of those things that don’t make sense now but once you have and use it, you can’t live without it? I’m all ears, Nintendo. Show me what you’re up to.

Apple to launch new Macbook air in June or July.

Word coming from parts suppliers and manufacturers is that the Macbook Air will be refreshed this summer. This isn’t earth shattering news. Apple refreshes its lines fairly frequently and in a predictable pattern. The iMacs just got refreshed with a lil’ sumthin sumthin under the hood.

Apple LTE-enabled iPhone 4S unlikely to launch in 2011, sources say.

Basically they are unlikely in 2011 because… there is no LTE… yeah. we’re going to be ramping up for 4G until we find something better. Who are we kidding? Even the people claiming 4G pretty much just took 3G and called it 4G. It was cheaper than actually building out. I’m so sick of these stupid companies claiming such and such will stifle innovation. What innovation? Show me your fucking innovation.

Apple may give retail outlets a makeover.

Everything else is getting a refresh, why not the stores, it is after all the tenth anniversary of the retail stores. Steve Jobs was said to have gotten personally involved in the design process. Apple will replace signs in its stores with interactive iPad units, and will offer more interactive product bars. Cupertino isn’t skimping on multimedia, either, and is said to be outfitting its Apple Store 2.0 destinations with new audio systems and much larger displays. Rumor has it that Apple may also deploy a new Apple Store application for iOS devices that will allow users to schedule appointments as they walk into the store. Sounds like it could be a nice way to celebrate.

Does Twitter make you dumb?

Only if you do dumb things, follow dumb people, say dumb things, and are already fairly dumb. Basically, garbage in, garbage out. So no, Twitter isn’t making you dumb. Your brain will adapt to new technology within a week. It’s not the venue for deep intellectual discourse but you have nothing to worry about unless you’re being proactively dumb and following willfully dumb people.

This tent turns into concrete in less than 24 hours… by black magic.

The priests stand around chanting ominously and a chill arises. Darkness falls and in the distance you hear the howling of wolves, hounds from the eternal abyss. A sacrifice is made to the dark gods of even darker places. The blood and suffering of thousands in a disaster area (that’s why these are deployed in disaster zones). And then in 24 hours, the tent automagically becomes concrete. Hail Shoggoths!

That stolen shipment of Xperia Play phones? Faked by Vodafone for some reason.

Lies! Lies! It seems Sony doesn’t have a corner on stupid advertising. So does it’s friends. Vodafone was trying to build buzz or something. Or maybe, they were just being dumb. Just messed up. Messed up.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Cheers.

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