Google rolling out patch to fix Android security hole

Well that was fast. That security hole the researchers at the University of Ulm is getting sealed up real good. The hole was already addressed in Android 2.3.4 but since the only people in the world who have Gingerbread on their phones are the nine people who sit on Google’s board of directors, a silent patch is being rolled out for the rest of the Android layfolk. No actions need to be taken by users as the patch is a entirely server-side so you won’t get any notifications on your phone or experience any service interruptions. The fix will be rolled out to everyone in the world over the next few days, so sit back and let The Goog patch em up, patch em up, patch em up, patch em. Roll it out in a circle of Androids and watch hackers break em with the G S, GSM, GSM, GSM back bone security hole (Ed. note: please don’t sue us, Ice Cube).

Source: ComputerWorld

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