Photoshop Contest: Bad Game Ideas

Sadness Guaranteed!

Here it is folks! After much anticipation and complaining about how much anticipation there was, we’re back with another Photoshop Contest! Before we go any further, let me say this: Many people complained about the lack of photoshop contests. So, now that I’m giving you one, I expect my inbox to be overflowing with entries! K thnx!

Now, let’s go over this weeks subject. It’s pretty simple.

1. Think of a terrible idea for a video game.

2. Make the box art for said game.

3. Submit your entry.

4. ???

5. Profit.

Points for hilarity, awfulness, and execution.

Everyone get the idea? Great! Now get ‘shoppin!

Rules for entry:

– All submissions must be in .jpg or .gif format, less than 800k.

– No animated gifs.

– Please title the file with whatever name you’d like to be credited with (ex: Ron.jpg, McPoopPants.gif, etc.jpg)

– All entries must be received no later than Wednesday, June 1st!

Email your entries to:

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    1. Agreed. You don’t announce a contest with the winning image.. that’s just silly.

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