Noisestash Roundup: Gentle Breezes

Well folks, Agrippa is off the line tonight, because of Comcast and their ability to become disconnected whenever the breeze gently wafts through the great plains. So that’s where I come in, I guess.

In case you haven’t heard, I’m awesome. So awesome that you will love tonights roundup more than the typical ones and request that I do it every night. Well too bad. Agrippa won’t let me. He’s kind of a jerk.

Tonight we’ve got minor addictions taken too far, a spat between internet giants, mobile movies, Google and a newly discovered weakness in your system.

Get your caffeine fix earlier than normal: In the shower

If you’re one of those suckers who love that little drug called caffeine, you might also be interested in some soap that injects some of that stimulant goodness into your skin. That is, if you’re the kind of person that loves caffeine and hygiene. Otherwise, I guess you should just go back to Mountain Dew and slouching in your gamer chair.

Facebook hired a PR firm to run a smear campaign against Google

While no one is really surprised that morals don’t apply to the social networking giant, this still strikes me as fairly super sleezy. It actually seems that they’re passing the whole thing off as “consumer protection” in the name of privacy.

iMacs are soon to be stuck with a very lame proprietary hard drive.

I guess Apple has its reasons, but this reeks of douche-nozzleness. If you replace the stock hard drive with any normal SATA drive, you’ll fail the hardware test and the computer won’t run. So you now have to fork out Apple prices for storage. Enjoy. Of course, if you own a Mac Pro, you can unleash the full potential with a simple hack.

Netflix released their app for Android…sorta

At long last (and well after smartphone newcomer WP7)  Android users can watch their streaming movies and tv on their devices. If you have a select HTC phone, or Google’s own Nexus S that is. Otherwise, I assume you have to wait for the homebrew market to bring you the Netflixy goodness you desire.

Google’s getting in your Prius, and your Fords

Yep, not only is Google fighting for self driving cars, they are aiming to make your Ford a little more… focused. The car will track usage and adjust itself to your habits after uploading the data and allowing to be analyzed by the Google Prediction API.

Your graphics card may be a vulnerability

Think that mean beast of a gaming machine that’s never seen porn is safe? Nope. WebGL is now a vulnerability, according to a release from Context that details how and why it is vulnerable. Hit it up for a good read.

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